My cake journey began in 2008 when I was 16 and started baking and decorating cakes for my friends. I would show up to school with cakes reflecting each friends personality on their birthday, and everyone would dig in at recess. I would watch timeless hours of cake decorating shows and ended up self teaching myself. By high school graduation I was determined to pursue a career in culinary arts. I did the whole culinary thing, from dismembering a chicken to plating beautiful contemporary dishes cooked to perfection. When I graduated I realized I had forgotten about cakes! I was so involved in desserts, pastries and restaurants that I stopped decorating. That was until I landed a job at Hans and Harrys bakery in Bonita, California. I learned the real method and basics of decorating that I never learned in school. From icing a cake to piping roses I was getting paid to learn! So after a while I decided to start my own business which is today Dani Flowers Bakery.


Cake has always been a synonym of celebration to me, and that’s why every cake is customized specifically your needs and event. No two cakes are ever the same. Although I aim to create cakes that are beautiful on the outside, it is of equal importance that they taste as good as they look. That is why I offer a variation of flavors which I am sure you will love. 


I would be honored to create a delicious and stunning highlight for your next event or celebration.